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Vision, Ethos, Aims and Values

Our Vision:

We aim to play a valuable role in helping to shape rounded, determined young people who can face the challenges of the modern world with confidence, together with high aspirations and the ability to reach their full potential by providing an enriched curriculum. 

Our Ethos and Aims are as follows:

  • To provide a happy, caring and secure learning environment in which each child and member of staff may develop to their full potential.
  • All children to believe and value the characteristics of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and become confident and resilient children
  • To ensure all children are ambitious, have a Growth Mind-set and a determination to succeed
  • To enable the children to be good citizens, who make positive contributions to their communities
  • To develop cultural capital to give our children the vital background knowledge required to learn about and understand the world they live in, so they can flourish and reach their potential
  • To ensure children are healthy, safe and have positive well-being
  • To foster, nurture and develop all talents
  • To ensure children are engaged, inquisitive and inspired to learn
  • To ensure our curriculum is broad, balanced, progressive and ambitious for all learners
  • To have a curriculum that is designed with an understanding of the working memory, making links to learning and building and deepening knowledge and skills through inclusive practice for all learners
  • To put reading at the heart of our curriculum
  • To close the vocabulary gap
  • To encourage parental engagement

Our Values:

Our values form the acronym R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and are devised from 7 core character and learning traits: 


These values form a core element of our curriculum and are taught explicity through our assemblies, CoJo Character Curriculum, Mission Activities and Themed Curriculum. Our weekly Celebration Assembly and termly Alfo Awards provide the opportunity for the children to be recognised as being exemplary role models of our Values.  

Promoting British Values

 At Alfred Street Junior School, we believe it to be an essential part of our duty to prepare our children for life in modern Britain. Children are taught about British Values through PSHE and RE and these are examined and discussed through our delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing children to develop a secure understanding of these through application to their own lives and those of others. The definition of British Values was set out by the government in the 2011 Prevent Strategy and determined that “schools should promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.” British Value are promoted through assemblies, our whole school values system and structures such as our School Council. We recognise that promoting British Values also carries with it a responsibility to challenge pupils, staff or parents who express opinions or behaviours in school that are contrary to fundamental British values.

 We look to provide children will opportunities to gain experience beyond their local community, welcoming a range of visitors into school as well as class visits to promote children’s understanding of British Values outside of their own experience.

Further information about how British Values is embedded across our curriculum can be found on the following page British Values

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